2021 Dates 

VIRTUAL - Season Opener

Deadline Jan 15th Stream starts Jan 29th

LIVE - Orlando Regional

April 30th - May 2nd

VIRTUAL - Final Showdown

Deadline May 14th Stream starts May 28th


No Refunds will be issued for any reason. The only exception is if an event is cancelled due to Covid-19. If an event is cancelled we will immediately refund any entries paid. Full Out has always and will always issue refunds as appose to credits.

Privacy Policy: We do not share customer data with anyone.

Payment may be by Cashier's Check, Money Order or Credit Card (will incur a 3.5% fee). Personal or Studio Checks accepted no later than 14 days before the event.


Submissions will NOT qualify or be recognized as an "entry" until PAID IN FULL by verified funds and ALL necessary information is provided including: Full Names of all Contestants, (First & Last), Contestant Birthdays, to include (Month, Day & Year), Category, Division and Routine Title.

Cash Prizes are awarded at the final awards ceremony during all live and virtual events. Cash prizes are issued to studio owners.

Entries are accepted on a first come/first served basis and are limited to performance time available. We will not oversell an event.

No Minimum entry limit. Independent entries are welcome.

Any changes made to any entry within 7 days of a competition will be subject to a Change Fee of $10.00 per entry.

If a question should arise concerning the age of a contestant, proof of age by birth certificate must be provided.

Age is determined by the contestant's age on 12/31/2020

Time limit for solos/duets/trios is 3 minutes. Group time limit is 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Lines/Production time limit is 6 minutes.

Judges will critique on stage immediately after performance for a maximum of two minutes during a live event. In addition you will have a take home audio critique available in your video judge account by the next business day. Virtual events will receive audio critiques from all of our judges, which again can be found in your video judge account the next business day following the final awards show.

All props must be pre-approved by Full Out Dance Production. Smoke, water, fire, swords, knives and scenery/props requiring rigging or electrical connection are NOT permitted. No props are ted that will damage the stage flooring.

All music must be uploaded in your registration portal a minimum of seven days before the event. We suggest bringing a backup mp3 just in case. Please make sure all music, costuming and choreography is age appropriate for the performer. Virtual event videos must be uploaded in the registration portal ahead of the registration deadline.

Videotaping, movie cameras and Photography are prohibited. Live streaming options are available at all of our events.

All participants consent to the use of their picture and/or voice by Full Out Music Production without royalty fee or other compensation.

Teachers’ category, with separate Awards and Prizes! A Teacher is any person who choreographs and conducts class that is over age 19. Teachers cannot compete in student categories.

Full Out Dance Production does not discriminate. We are an equal opportunity competition for the purpose of performing arts evaluation.

We will place the TOP 10 for each age and level in the overalls.

We reserve the right to combine age groups or divisions for placements to make sure we are providing competition for our customers.

Masterclasses are FREE for all registered competitors at every FULL OUT DANCE PRODUCTION event. Due to COVID 19 restrictions our classes will be offered via zoom for 2020. We will reevaluate for 2021 as we go.

All results are final and are not negotiable by teacher, performer or parent. We source high quality, knowledgeable judges and believe in running fair events with the utmost of integrity.

NEW This year - Improv contest, Photogenic, Action Shot and Costume must all be registered in advance through your Dance Bug registration portal. We will not accept any on the day registrations. Space is limited. Cost is $25 per entry. 

Solo = 1 Dancer, Duet/Trio = 2-3 Dancers, Small Group = 4 - 9 Dancers, Large Group = 10 - 19 dancers, Line = 20 + Dancers





Any questions need to be submitted in writing to


Age Groups (Determined by age as of January 1st) For Duets/Trios/groups please calculate the average age.


Example 6 year old and 12 year old duet, average age = 9, they would be in the 7 – 9 years.


6 and under


7 – 9 years


10 – 12 years


13 – 15 years


16 – 19 years






Levels (Teachers discretion)


Novice – Dance competitively for less than two years takes minimal classes. We expect to see these dancers still working on basic skills and Technique.


Intermediate – Dance competitively for 2-4 years and takes a moderate level of classes. These dancers are starting to master harder skills and are obtaining an improved understanding of genre, musicality and technique.


Advanced – Dance competitively for 5 years plus and take a high number of classes per week. We expect these dancers to have a high skill level and a sound understanding of the genre and technical elements performed.















Musical Theatre




Hip – Hop














Entry Fees – For Live events we do not share pricing with anyone else but the studio owner and office staff. If a dancer is registering as an independent we will share financial information with them to get them registered. Virtual events are always $30 per routine and prices are open to the public.














Silver 252 - 263 


Gold 264 - 275 


High Gold 276 -287


Platinum 288 - 293